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MADI Polygon
Holiday Inn Express Moscow
Demolition Day / Moscow

“Demolition Day” – as a continuation of the Russian Demolition Forum (RDF), this is the only demonstration event in the industry for demolition and recycling professionals, from young professionals to business owners.

There is no better tool for developing your professional network and establishing new business relationships with potential clients than Demolition Day and RDF.

Demolition Day will present the latest innovations and technological solutions that can help improve efficiency, take advantage of new opportunities and increase profits.


  • Establish new relationships and develop existing ties in the field of demolition and recycling;
  • Demonstrate products and services to decision makers;
  • Create business opportunities with an interested audience;
  • Launch products and services;

Representatives of contracting organizations are given a unique opportunity to manage and use machinery and equipment right on the event site!
*see the section “HEALTH AND SAFETY”. It is necessary to write an application for demoday@rusdemolition.ru

Event map
zone 1 / Processing and recycling
of reinforced concrete
The participants of the event are offered a unique opportunity to test in action the entire range of high-tech and modern equipment for processing, grinding and recycling of reinforced concrete from the demolition of buildings and structures
The participants of the event are offered a unique opportunity to try out the best scrap metal processing and cutting equipment in the industry
The participants of the event are offered a unique opportunity to test in action the most advanced equipment for cutting, drilling and drilling of reinforced concrete using diamond technologies in the industry of dismantling buildings and structures
zones of catering and entertainment
In addition to the practical and informative part, Demolition Day is aimed at creating a comfortable environment for all participants. In this regard, the event provides a lunch and entertainment program. Transport shuttles from the Holiday Inn Express Moscow - Khimki GOPARK HOTEL will be available for all participants of the event
Event place
MADI landfill - Leningradskoe highway, Elino, Moscow region
Closed part of the event
At the end of the main part of Demolition Day, members and partners of the National Association of Demolition Organizations are invited to a private dinner, which will be held at the Holiday Inn Express Moscow - Khimki GOPARK HOTEL.
3 June в 18:00
Contracting organizations
26 000 rubles per delegate.*
*members of the Association NEED a discount
Suppliers / manufacturers of equipment
66 000 rubles for one delegate

*The indicated price is valid for early registration - until April 11, 2022.
When registering after April 11, 2022, the cost of participation for contractors will be 34,000 rubles per delegate and 74,000 rubles per delegate for suppliers/manufacturers of equipment, respectively.

A promo code is available for Demolition Day participants to receive a special cost of accommodation at the Holiday Inn Express Moscow - Khimki GOPARK HOTEL

Read the Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the Demolition Day event, which will take place on June 3, 2022.

How to buy a visit to Demolition Day
Participants can purchase seats on Demolition Day by paying the bill by bank transfer. To receive an invoice for payment, you need to write a letter to demoday@rusdemolition.ru with an indication of the number of participants, attaching the bank details of the organization.

Registration is not valid until the payment is received and successfully processed.

Registration fees paid by participants include, access to Demolition Day, the opportunity to try out the presented machinery and equipment at work*, lunch. All prices are without VAT.
*See the special requirements for the management of machinery and equipment in the section “HEALTH AND SAFETY”.

Confirmation of registration
An email with registration confirmation/payment confirmation will be sent to each participant after receiving the payment along with the invoice. Delegates are kindly requested to bring a copy of the confirmation.

Changes of the participant
Organizations/companies that have purchased seats can change the names of participants for free until May 15, 2022.

Cancellation Policy – cancellation by the participant
Participants can cancel their registration until May 03, 2022. Prior to this date, the executed payments will be refunded (limited to the amount paid by the participants) minus a fee of 4,500.00 rubles to cover administrative and banking expenses. The refund will be made after the event.

In case of cancellation after May 3, 2022 or in case of no-show, the money will not be refunded.

Cancellation Policy – cancellation by the organizer
If the organizer cancels the event for any reason other than force majeure, the registration fee is refunded to the registered participants. However, the refund is limited to the amount paid by the participants. The organizer is not responsible for any other losses or expenses incurred by the participants as a result of the cancellation.

In the event that Demolition Day is canceled, postponed or moved due to fire, flood, riots, earthquake, civil unrest, decisions taken by federal and/or local authorities, weather conditions, strike, lockout, explosions, sabotage, accidents, terrorism, war, natural disasters or any other causes or victims beyond the control of the organizer, no refund will be made. In this case, Demolition Day participants waive all claims for damages.

Marketing and PR
By attending the event, you grant the organizer and its partners permission to use your photos and/or videos at the event for marketing and advertising purposes, including in social networks and for editorial purposes. If you book participation on behalf of another person, you confirm that you have received their consent to this aspect of the Terms and Conditions.

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For sponsors and exhibitors
Special conditions of participation are provided for sponsors and exhibitors.

At Demolition Day, you can demonstrate your products and solutions in action to the target audience and provide participants with a unique opportunity to manage and use machinery and equipment right on the event site.

To get the terms of participation for sponsors and exhibitors, write to demoday@rusdemolition.ru

Health and safety
All participants of Demolition Day (delegates, sponsors, exhibitors, media representatives, representatives of state institutions and other persons located on the territory of the event) must familiarize themselves with and comply with the requirements for the safe location, use of equipment and equipment on the territory of the event.
Read the requirements of the section "Health and safety"
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