Competition for Demolition Day 2022

This summer, the first live event will be held to demonstrate the operation of machinery and equipment for dismantling and recycling in Russia – Demolition Day 2022.

The event offers participants 3 demonstration zones, which will take place:

  • Processing and recycling of reinforced concrete;
  • Scrap metal processing;
  • Diamond technologies in dismantling.

To promote the event, an animated film-trailer will be developed, based on specially drawn artistic illustrations.
The heroes of this animated film will be 4 characters (3 men and one girl) – these are ordinary people, operators of special equipment.

Today, a competition is announced for images to create characters for the film.

Send your photos to

Character skins will be randomly selected. Each participant can become one of the 4 main characters of the Demolition Day 2022 trailer.

*To participate in the competition, it is not necessary to be an operator of special equipment in real life. You can be either an operator, a manager or an accountant.

Details of the event will be announced in the next news.

The deadline for accepting photos is January 31, 2022.

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