Adam Safran

Project unit supervisor Saudi Aramco
(Saudi Arabia)

Adam Safran is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience and a strong background in business management who loves both conceptual and analytical thinking to execute organizational plans. He is fully-committed in designing, developing innovative tools and strategies to achieve goals. He strives to learn from anyone regardless of different industry.

Adam earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals in 1999 and achieved Degree of Master of Business Administration in 2007. In addition, he obtain the appropriate PMP Certifications and Master’s Degree in Applied Research from Swiss Business School in 2019. After graduation, he worked as an Engineer in Saudi Aramco where he surpassed in planning and organizing overall maintenance activities in Abqaiq Gas Plant areas. He was then assigned to Utilities Department where he managed, execute and completed renovation projects ahead of schedule. As part of his work, he also supervised other junior engineers in administering outsourced maintenance contracts. Currently, he supervise the demolition of an existing damaged ASL Tank and construct new to ensure a reliable crude oil supply to customers. As a seasoned leader and a team player, Adam has the experience and innovative mind to further any construction project. Adam was the keynote speaker on World Demolition Summit 2019 that held on Boston last November 2019.
Joe Brinkmann

CEO of Jet Demolition (South Africa)

After being born and raised on a farm in Illinois (USA) and receiving a blasting-focused Master’s degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1982, Joe and Liz, his wife and a Metallurgical Engineer, moved to South Africa in 1983 in pursuit of adventure and opportunity. Joe then undertook applied blasting research for the Research Organization of the Chamber of Mines of South Africa until 1989.

This was followed by 5 years of technical consulting, field projects and product development relating to many facets of explosives applications. He developed a patented range of shaped explosive charges for demolition and rock breaking, and this is what pulled him to the demolition industry in 1991. He discovered the ultimate occupation, and formed the company Jet Demolition (Pty) Ltd, with the company name and logo being inspired by the jetting action of a shaped explosive charge.

Soon after, he was joined by Liz, and they set about building a technically-based company from scratch with the objective of providing the highest quality of safe demolition services in Africa.

Jet Demolition undertakes mainly heavy industrial demolition projects for multinational companies who demand the highest levels of safety and quality in the developing world, and also large and difficult commercial projects. They undertake projects throughout Africa and have also worked in Indonesia. Whilst originally planning to spend 2-3 years in South Africa, Joe and Liz fell under the spell of Africa, raised a family of 4 wonderful sons, and became fully entrenched there.

Сейчас они уже 38-ой год в Южной Африке, и приключение продолжается...
Uttkarsh Mehta

Partner Edifice Engineering (India)

Uttkarsh Mehta, born on 16th September 1976 & raised in Mumbai, a financial Capital of India is currently a Partner in Edifice Engineering, a Company involved in Engineering and Safe Demolitions of Cricket Stadiums, Hospitals, Multiplex Theatres, Shopping Malls, Bridges & Residential and Commercial buildings in India and brings 11 years of relevant experience in the Demolition Industry.

His Core Expertise is to mechanise execution of Demolition Contracts. His academic qualifications of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Stream supports the over all cause of mechanisation in his day to day activity.

He excels in the up-keep of equipments, increasing the productivity & Speed of execution at site and is committed to the profession. Safety is another area which is close to his heart and has certified his company for ISO 45001:2018 & ISO Certification of 9001: 2015

After graduation, did his post graduation in Foreign Trade & Diploma in Marketing Management, started his career with Jobs in various industries in Sales department such as Sale of Equipment for Sugar Factories, Fastening& Demolition Industry and then plunged into business with a working Partner of complete Engineering Dismantling and Demolition jobs across India.

His key success areas are Sales & Marketing. He manages a company of 55 Employees with a turn over of about USD 7 Mio.

Он ездит за границу в поисках хорошего оборудования и технологий и развивает новые технологии в Индии.

He shall be proud to say that his company Edifice Engineering is the biggest Demolition Company in India with 6 Nos High Reach Excavators in their asset list with tallest being 34M Pin Height (Only Machine in India of this height) and 3 Nos of 85KW Track Saws, 4 Nos of Shears , Demolition Robots and various other equipements.









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